Full Production

Don’t have enough equipment and know-how to create your own sounds but want to release your own unique tracks? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read more to get a feel for what N-H Productions has to offer.

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Partial Production

You start, I finish, that is the policy for the Partial Production service. We all get stuck from time to time on a song idea. Get in touch with me so that I can help you get the most out of your amazing idea.

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Having trouble with getting the sounds of your song to blend well together? Not anymore! I’ll make sure that all your elements in your track get the right place in your mix, your sound will be as clear and crisp as possible.

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Do you have an amazing song but can’t get it to sound as big and wide as other commercial tracks? Look no further and let me take this task out of your hand and make your song sound bigger, fuller and wider.

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What you get

I strive to help you create or finish your music productions with the best possible quality. I make sure that you get the best personal help with achieving your goal when it comes to a music production. I listen carefully to your wishes and make sure that you get a sound exactly like imagined.

About me

My name is Nick Housmans and I’m a producer from The Netherlands. Under my Husman alias, I have produced lots of tracks for labels such as Armada Music, Spinnin Records & Big Beat Records. Next to creating music for myself, I want to help you get started in the challenging music business of today.